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A relationship grows over time and when nurtured with care it creates a bond that will stand strong even as the years roll by. This is a principal that Hamad and Sons General Trading Group truly believes in. In the years of our presence in Qatar, we have recognized that our bond with this glorious country is our strength. Being made in Qatar... Qatar has given us the privilege of success. Today as a Qatari company we are a proud testament to the determination of our team.

We have been part of this community, giving each customer the very best in all our services. Today we will continue to strive and remain passionate about bringing you the best the world has to offer. For we remain true to the significance of this very deep-rooted relationship that will help shape our joint future.

CEO Message

I am proud to take the legacy of Hamad and Sons General Trading Group forward into new territory. Our search for new brands for our trading division is bearing fruit as our portfolio of products increases almost daily. We are always looking for new ideas and investment opportunities. Expansion and diversification require strategic thinking, good planning, and outstanding implementation but I am confident in our team and our ability to meet the many challenges we will face as we strive for excellence.

Hamad Mohammed Al-Dosari,
Executive President

Our Business