QatarEIFS is a construction company specialized in exterior façade systems. Domiciled in Doha and established in 2011 as a local presence of a U.S mother company PILLAR CONSTRUCTION.
Since the local presence, the company has experienced rapid growth, in addition to contracting services, it also offers preconstruction consultation and value engineering, putting it’s twenty years construction experience from the U.S market into the use of the local general contractor to execute successful project that exceed expectations.
The senior managers bring the ingenuity and strong commitment to service and quality to our clients. Our team of dedicated architects, engineers, supervisors and applicators work jointly to deliver excellent workmanship.
Our managing and supervisory teams are trained and certified in the various products and systems they install.
In addition we have the unique ability to be involved from the beginning of a project with many of the top architects in Europe, United States and Canada. We are committed to working with the latest in construction technologies and building materials. The company offer s preconstruction and full specialty construction contracting services.