In 2003, Malaysia was the first to be introduced to the unique snack concept of PappaRoti. The brand specializes in a unique mouth watering coffee coated butter bun served alongside a variety of beverage compliments.

PappaRoti offers not just scrumptious food and beverage options but a delight to the sense! From the very distinctive aroma that captivates the customers to the mouth-watering tastes of this unique caramel coated bun has won the brand a wide-spread appreciation.

The PappaRoti buns have gained enormous praise and are now immensely popular from the Far East to the Middle East and every country in between. This unique, healthy and deliciously simple recipe has been appreciated by all age groups, genders, nationalities and has surpassed cultural diversity by appealing to an international audience. PappaRoti is the perfect example of food binding different cultures together and in a multi-national country like U.A.E it is loved by all!

The brand has witnessed the different expressions with one bite of the bun and has now become a part of the brand through its famous tag line ‘One Bite Different Expressions.’

With the growing appeal in metropolitan cities for fast food and pastries, PappaRoti provides a new and unique home-baked snack experience for customers at any time of the day

The aroma, freshness and textures have captivated audiences all around the globe with over 500 international cafes in countries such as Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, United Kingdom and Australia.